Assistance For Those in Need During the
Coronavirus Pandemic

Find how to get help with paying bills, rent, mortgages, debts and more.

Many people need help paying their bills or debts. Or they need free items, such as food, clothes, or other supplies for their household. There are thousands of financial assistance programs that may help struggling families. There is everything from mortgage or debt help to free groceries, grants to help pay rent or utility bills and medical bill assistance or free healthcare as well.

Find information on charities, churches, government assistance programs, organizations like the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities, and other resources that will provide you help. The charities as well as non-profit organizations may offer long term or emergency assistance for paying bills, pass out free stuff, or provide counseling type services among other programs. Agencies, including Saint Vincent de Paul, will also show you how to save money as well as provide some tips and methods to pay the bills when money is tight.

Find information on programs that offer a number of ways to get help with paying bills. Assistance is available for everything from debts to energy bills, free food, housing, property tax help, and much more. Non-profits also offer help for paying car loans and transportation programs. The resources available that may help with these payments include:

Local financial assistance programs and social services

Many states, counties, cities, and towns offer support to struggling as well as low income households and administer financial help. The resources are listed below.

Websites by County:

For tenants needing assistance with issues including making Rental Payments, please see the following websites based on your location: 

Montgomery County 

Delaware County 

Chester County 

Bucks County 

Philadelphia County 

Additional Funding Notice from Chester County:

Chester County Landlords,

First, we want to thank you for your continuous support in housing the most vulnerable population. This is a very unsettling time and providing a safe and stable home for those who are in desperate need of housing truly shows your dedication on the fight to end homelessness. 

We have great news for your tenants! We have received additional funding to assist those who have lost income due to the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, if you have a tenant(s) who have expressed a difficulty with rent payments, please have them reach out to Maya Lawson (email and direct line listed below). It is important to note, we are only able to assist those who DO NOT have a housing subsidy (Housing Choice Voucher). 

If you have any other questions or any upcoming units, please feel free to reach out to Ashley Plasha and/or Danielle Dorais

We hope that everyone is staying well during this uneasy time.


Maya Lawson

Rapid Rehousing Specialist


Direct Line: 610-235-4485

Ashley Plasha, MSW

Housing Locator Supervisor


Direct Line: 610-235-4484

Danielle Dorais

Housing Locator


Direct Line: 610-235-4479

Additional Sites for assistance in paying bills in Pennsylvania: 



Pennsylvania/New Jersey 

Section 8 - Deferment Form for Section 8:

This Form is entitled “Minimum Rent Hardship/MTW (“Moving to Work”) Hardship Waiver Request Form.