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18 Step VIP Home Seller Program

Welcome to our exclusive 18 Step VIP Home Seller Program where we will sell your house in next 100 days or we will pay you an additional 1% of the purchase price. No other Seller program even comes close to our program. We give you over $1000 in FREE gifts and will save you $1000 off the purchase of your next home. We are experts in marketing and selling homes and have over 10,000 buyers in our network that may well become the buyer of your home.

Here's What You Get as a Member of Del Val’s
18 Step VIP Seller Program:

Step 1: Listing Consultation with FREE Comparative Market Analysis

    • We discuss our entire 18 Step VIP Home Seller Program from beginning to end.
    • We will walk through your home to get a better understanding of how to market your home to buyers and develop a custom and specific strategy to get your home sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.
    • We also create a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report that will cover current market conditions, what other homes like yours have sold for, who your competition is (other homes like yours for sale), and we will give you our opinion of your homes value and listing price based on the most up to date market research.

BONUS #1: FREE Comparative Market Analysis: You will receive a detailed CMA report about your home and what other similar homes are selling for so you can estimate what your home is worth ($195 value).

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Step 2: Make it Easy for Buyers!


  • One the biggest concerns buyers have is possible unknown repairs costs. Well why not deal with this right up front and remove that concern. That is why we give you a FREE Home Warranty Program for your buyer. This removes the repair concern and allows them to focus on buying your home without unknown repair concerns.

BONUS #2: Home Warranty Policy: You receive a one-year Home Warranty Policy ($495 value) at no cost to you.

Step 3: Professional HD Quality Video and Photos

    • Great video and photos are crucial to attracting buyers to your home.
    • As part of your marketing campaign we will hire a professional photographer to have High Quality HD photos taken of your home along with a virtual tour video.
    • When buyers and agents search online through the MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, or any of the thousands of other sites we list your home on, it's the photos and virtual tour that create the motivation for them to schedule a showing to see your home.

BONUS #3: FREE Professional Video and Photos: We will have a professional photographer come to your home to take professional HD quality video and photos. There is no more important aspect to your ads than beautiful HD quality video and photos ($250 value).

Step 4: Key Word Experts

    • We understand that today people search for new homes by using “Key Words”. Thus, we will work together with you to develop a 25 to 50 Key Word List that will be used in all our ads and internet marketing.
    • This will result in your ads being seen by potential buyers that search any of the key words we place in your ads.

Step 5: The Benefits of the Multiple Listing Service

    • Philadelphia Multiple Listing Service know as TREND is an exclusive property advertising platform for real estate agents.
    • TREND is where real estate agents can view all properties available for sale and get notifications when a property becomes available that meets their clients buying criteria.
    • Our goal is to cast your home in the best light possible on TREND by creating an enticing property description with Key Words, showing your home with great photos, and directing other agents on how to schedule showings for their clients and submit offers when they have a client ready to purchase your home.

Step 6: Utilizing Technology with Internet Marketing

    • According to statistics by the National Association of Realtors, more than 90% of Home buyers begin their home search online.
    • By utilizing TREND and Del Val’s specific property online advertising outlets, your home will be listed on hundreds of websites to maximize exposure to buyers searching for a home just like yours.
    • And each ad will have your Key Word List to help your property get found.

Step 7: Discover How to Get 2.7% more for your Home?

    • Did you know that Del Val gets an average of 96.7% of the Listing Price for each of our sales over the last 4 years
    • The average real estate agent in the Philadelphia area only gets 94.0% of the Listing Price for their sales
    • So by hiring Del Val you will get 2.7% more for your home than other real estate agents
    • On a $248,950 home that is an extra $6,721.65 in your pocket simple by hiring us!



Step 8: The Power of Social Media

    • We feature your home on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, as well as create advertising that targets specific demographics who are likely to be searching for or know someone who is interested in buying your home.

Step 9: Expose Your Home to our 8,500 Person Buyer List

    • Del Val manages about 2,200 condo and rental units. We will expose your home to this entire list of potential first time and move up buyers.
    • Del Val also keeps every person who is every called, emailed or visited one of our rentals and they will each get several emails about your home and what a great buy it would be. This list is currently over 5,000 names.
    • Del Val represents numerous buyers that are actively looking for the perfect home and each one of them will be made aware of your home.
    • We also us a Lead Management System to track and maintain communication with all prospective buyers. Text messages and emails are sent to all interested parties every few days to keep your property in front of them during their decision-making process.

Step 10: How we use 5,000 Real Estate Agents to Sell Your Home

    • There are over 5,000 real estate agents in the Philadelphia area and every one will be made aware of your property by promoting your property in the TREND system.
    • When we list a home, we notify all the top agents in the area so that they can show your home to buyers looking for a home like yours.
    • This allows us to potentially match a buyer for your home much quicker.

Step 11: Free Drone Video & Photos               






Step 12: Showing Feedback

    • With the use of TREND we are able to see exactly which agents have showed your home to their clients and are notified every time an agent completes a showing.
    • This allows us to reach out to the agent and get direct market feedback from their buyers to determine how well they liked your home and give an evaluation as to our listing price, likes and dislikes, how we rank compared to other homes they are looking at, etc.
    • This allows us to evaluate our marketing strategy or the current listing price of your home.

Step 13: Our "Sweeten the Deal" Strategy

    • The average home buyer will look at 12-24 homes before they decide to purchase.
    • While that may not seem like many, sometimes they can begin to blend together.
    • Often buyers are interested in 2-3 houses and have trouble deciding which they want to purchase. Knowing this about buyers, we may recommend you include something that will "Sweeten the Deal" for a buyer to make your home more attractive and help them remember your home.
    • For example, giving away a FREE 55” Curved TV to any buyer that makes a full price offer within the first 30 days. Do you think the buyer will remember your home…Yes they will!
    • There are many options for this strategy and we can discuss them in detail during our Listing Consultation.

Step 14: Pricing Strategies

    • When we meet for your Listing Consultation we will complete a large amount of market research to determine the ideal price to list your home at to expose it to the most amount of buyers and sell it for top dollar in the shortest amount of time.
    • Additionally, we will review the activity on your home every two weeks to determine if the activity is sufficient.
    • If we find that it's not, we may discuss the need to re-evaluate price or "Sweeten the Deal" to market to a larger group of buyers or make your home more attractive to buyers who have looked at it already.

Step 15: Open House Strategy               

    • We offer the option of doing Open Houses during the first few weeks of our marketing efforts.
    • It's completely optional as some clients like this and others do not.
    • An Open House can be a great way generate interest in your home and show it to multiple buyers within a single day.



Step 16: House Staging

    • We will arrange a Home Staging Consultant to come to your home to allow you to discuss the advantages and benefits of staging your home.
    • According to Real Estate Staging Association homes that are staged sell in 78% less time than homes that are not staged.

BONUS #4: FREE Home Staging Consult: You will receive a FREE home staging consult to discuss the advantages and benefits of staging your home ($95 value).

Step 17: “Sold in 45* Days or We Pay You an Extra 1% of the Purchase Price”

    • Our “45 Day GUARANTEE” is as follows. Del Val will sell your home in 45 days or less, at a mutually agreeable price, or we will add 1% to the purchase price. For example, if your home sells in 101 days at a price of $200,000, Del Val will give you $2,000 (1%) at closing! How is that for us taking all the risk

      * The 45 days starts on the listing date and ends when a valid purchase agreement is signed.

Step 18: Del Val will assist you in finding your new Home!

    • Del Val will start looking for your new home right away and will be happy to assist and represent you in your new purchase.
    • As our way of saying thank you, we will credit back $1,000 to you at closing of your new home.