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VIP Home Buyer Program

 As an exclusive member of Del Val’s VIP Home Buyer Program you will get our help moving through the 5 stages of the home buying process.  Our goal is to get you into your Dream Home at the best possible price, terms and conditions and in the least amount of time.  By enrolling in the VIP Home Buyer Program, you will receive our $10,000 Buyer Savings Certificate and several other Guarantees and gifts.

Here's What You Get as a Member of Del Val’s VIP Home Buyer Program:

Stage 1 - Prequalification

BONUS 1: $10,000 Buyer Saving Guarantee - We guarantee to save you at least $10,000 on your next home purchase or we will pay you $1,000 guaranteed cash at closing (see our $10,000 Buyer Guarantee Certificate for complete details).

BONUS 2:  Cancellation Guarantee tm - You get our Cancellation Guarantee tm and can cancel membership in the VIP Home Buyer Program with 24 hours’ notice if we do not live up to our promises.

Stage 2 - Home Screening

BONUS 3:  Guaranteed 48-Hour Showings - Too many agents are unable to accommodate their clients in a timely manner when the best deals hit the market.  By working with Del Val, we guarantee that any home you just “have-to-see” will be scheduled within 48 hours of your request

Stage 3 - Home Negotiation

Stage 4 – Closing

BONUS 4:  Home Warranty Policy - You receive a one-year Home Warranty Policy ($495 value) at no cost to you.

Stage 5 - Post Closing

BONUS 5:  Buyer Satisfaction Guaranteetm  - You will receive our written Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee tm whereby we agree in writing to sell your property for free, if you decide to sell the home within 6 months of your purchase and Del Val Realty & Property Management acted as your agent on the home purchase.

To become a member of the VIP Home Buyer Program you must put up a $250 which will be credited back to you at closing and sign a 6-month exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement with Del Val Realty & Property Management.

One Final Thing

If you promise to tell 3 of your friends about our VIP Home Buyer Program and one of them joins and closes on a house while using Del Val Realty & Property Management as their buyer agent, we will make a $500 charitable contribution in your name to the charity of your choice.