Resident Benefit Program

Resident Benefits Program

Our Resident Benefits Program is included with all Del Val Realty & Property Management Lease Agreements and includes the below list of benefits.  These benefits are only available while the property is managed by Del Val Property Management.  The cost for the Resident Benefit Program is $9.00 per month.  If you elected to participate in the ZeroDeposit Program there are additional fees.  

ZeroDeposits Program - Del Val is one of the few property managers in the country that allow residents to avoid putting up a security deposit.  Our ZeroDeposit Program allows residents to pay a small monthly fee to avoid putting up a security deposit.  Imagine not having to put out your money as a security deposit.

Total Security Amount Estimated Monthly ZeroDeposit Fee*
$0 to $1,000 $7.00
$1,001 to $2,000 $14.00
$2,001 to $3,000 $21.00
$3,001 to $4,000 $28.00
$4,001 to $5,000 $35.00

* The ZeroDeposit Fee could be higher depending on your credit score and financial history.

Utility Concierge Service ($150.00 Value) – Our utility concierge service will assist you in setting up your utilities including electric, gas and water plus any phone, cable, or security needs when you move into your new home.   

Online Rent Payments ($12.00 Value) - Pay your rent online and never worry about losing your rent in the mail or late fees because it arrives late.  Set up one-time or recurring secure bank transfers or eCheck and never have to mail rent again!

Pay Rent with Cash - If you do not have a bank account you can pay your rent with cash at any local 7-Eleven or CVS Pharmacy!

One-time Late Fee Forgiveness ($75.00 Value) - We will allow our residents a one-time late free forgiveness assuming the payment is made within 7 days of the late fee date and your account is fully paid up. 

One-time Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) Forgiveness ($25.00 Value) – We will allow our residents a one-time waiver of a non-sufficient fund fee assuming the replacement payment is made within 7 days of the original and your account is fully paid up. 

Secure Resident Portal- Your password-protected portal allows you to view your payment history, print rent receipts, make repair requests, and update your information anytime.

Maintenance Request via Phone App – We have a phone app called Property Meld where you can enter maintenance request and include photos or videos of your issue and get instant response via text or email. 

Quality Repairs - Our vendors are prescreened to ensure they are knowledgeable, friendly, and they leave your property clean after a job.  We even send you a maintenance survey after the job so you can give your honest feedback.

24 Hour Repair Hotline - You will talk to a real live trained technician for after-hours emergencies who will provide immediate help.

Property Inspections - We inspect your property during your lease term to ensure there are no outstanding repair issues and all the safety systems are working properly.

Plain Language Lease Agreements - Our lease is a Pennsylvania Plain Language lease, so you do not need a legal degree to read and understand our lease and it is designed to be fair and transparent.

Response Time Guarantee - Nobody likes waiting for a response, that is why we promise to respond to all communication within 24 hours during business days.

Online Pet Profile - Our Online Pet Profile provides you a secure place online to store all the important information about your pets. Pet profiles can easily be shared with pet service providers such as veterinarians, animal hospitals, pet sitters and doggie daycares.

Security Deposit Protection - If your property is foreclosed for any reason, we guarantee the protection of your security deposit.

Build Your Credit  – We have partnered with  You can sign up for their service (there are small monthly fees) to have your on-time rent payments reported to the credit bureaus to help you build credit history and view your credit score too!  They estimated that reporting rent payments can increase your credit score by 20 to 60 points.

Lockbox Move In -  If you are unable to pick up your keys during business hours for your move in, we can provide you with the keys via a lockbox at any time convenient for you.

Lockbox Move Out -  If you are unable to drop your keys off during business hours for your move out, we can provide you with a lockbox to turn the property over to us at any time convenient for you

The monthly Resident Benefit Program fee will automatically be added to your rental ledger each month.  To receive all the benefits listed above your account must be in good standing.  

Rent Without a Security Deposit – ZeroDeposit Program