Investor Services

Investor Services

Investor Services

Eviction Services - $200 plus actual court cost and attorney fees *

Del Val offers eviction services to owners having collection problems with current tenants. Our eviction service begins with a notice-to-pay-or-quit and is completed when the owner is given actual possession of the property. It takes approximately 45 to 60 days from start to finish on the average, so long as all information necessary is provided by the owner. Average cost to complete Phase 1 (court) is about $450 and the average price to complete Phase 2 (possession) is about $175.

* Additional fees may apply if further hearings are required.

Commercial Activity License and Rental License (Philadelphia Properties Only) … $50.00 each

Commercial Activity License - You must have a Commercial Activity License for each ownership entity under which you own properties. For example, if you have one property under your personal name, you only need one (1) Commercial Activity License. If you own more than one property with some under a corporate name and some under your personal name, you will need a Commercial Activity License for each entity. The Commercial Activity License is a lifetime license. Del Val charges $25 to obtain and Commercial Activity License.

Download Commercial Activity Form (PDF)

Housing Rental License - You need a housing rental License for each and every property you own in Philadelphia. Therefore, if you have ten (10) properties, you will need ten (10) rental licenses. The Housing Rental License fee is $55 per unit (Example - Duplex is 2 units or $110). Del Val charges $50 to obtain and Housing Rental License.

Download Rental License (PDF)

Landlord Cooperation Act

As a property owner in Philadelphia, you are responsible for the unpaid gas bills for your property, unless you previously enrolled in PGW's pilot program, the Landlord Cooperation Program (LCP). If you register your property and remain in a cooperative status, PGW will not place a lien on your residential rental property during the term of the LCP. If you decide not to enroll in LCP or are deemed uncooperative (e.g. refuse entry to a PGW employee), then you will be held liable for gas usage incurred at your residential rental property after, August 9, 2006.

Cooperation with LCP includes:

  1. You must enroll in the Landlord Cooperation Program;
  2. You must register each of the properties you own in the program; and
  3. You must fully cooperate with the terms & conditions of the program. For example, as part of the terms and conditions, you must work with PGW to allow access to the property when requested by PGW.

In order to enroll in PGW's LCP, you must have a valid Commercial Activity License and Rental License.

Rental Suitability Certificate

A Certificate of Rental Suitability issued by the Department of Licenses and Inspections no more than sixty (60) days prior to the inception of the tenancy.

The owner’s attestation that all fire alarm and detection systems required for the premises are present and in proper working order, that the operating systems and the property are free of defects which affect the health and safety of the occupants and that the owner will continue to maintain the operating systems and the property throughout the tenancy.

A copy of the “City of Philadelphia Partners for Good Housing" brochure issued by the Department of Licenses and Inspections.

We will obtain this certificate for you with each new tenant and provide the above documentation to ensure you are in compliance with this regulation. If you would prefer sign up for yourself, you can access the web site at

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