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Consider These Factors Before Making Your Move to Philadelphia

Moving to a new city can be complicated. It's a huge decision to make, requiring both physical and mental preparation. Many people think about relocating to Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, in particular, is popular for its relative affordability, ease of transportation, and abundant green space, among others. 

Do you want to start anew at the magnificent City of Brotherly Love? Looking at online reviews of moving companies, like Safeway Moving reviews, might help you decide. It’s also highly recommended to consider the following factors before making your move to Philadelphia:

Job Market

If you're looking to move to Philly and need a new job, you'd be thrilled to know that 10 of the country's largest law firms have their headquarters in the city. You will also find here 13 Fortune 500 companies that made it to the 2021 list. These include AmerisourceBergen, Comcast Corp, DuPont, and Lincoln National Corp, and Corteva. It's also worth mentioning that of the top 50 tech cities based on job posting volume, Philadelphia ranks No. 19 for the first quarter. Additionally, the US federal government has a large presence in this city. The average monthly salary in Philly is approximately $3,400 after taxes.

Cost of Living

Did you know that the cost of living in Philadelphia is about 13.7 percent higher than the national average? It also appears that the prices had a 1 percent increase this year compared to 2020. Analysts found the biggest jumps in housing, food, and transportation. Last year, the estimated monthly costs without rent for a family of four were $3,772.01. On the other hand, the estimated cost for a single person is $1,046.97. 


Fortunately, Philadelphia is home to a thorough, budget-friendly, and convenient public transportation system. They offer a wide range of options for you to get around easily. These include:

  • Regional trains
  • Buses
  • Above-ground trolleys
  • Subway trains in some parts of the town

Philly is a very walkable city with several public squares spread out to let you rest during a long day out. The city is also bike-friendly, with at least 440 miles of dedicated bike lanes — not to mention about 1,300 bikes that you may rent from 140 stations throughout Philadelphia. 

Crime Rate

Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. As with any major metropolis in the United States, how safe a city is should be one of the factors to consider before relocating. Just like every other area worldwide, there are good and bad neighborhoods. Philly has a lot of solid, family-friendly communities. When it comes to crime, though, the city ranks high on the scale. Its crime rate is 55 percent higher compared to the country's average crime rate.

No one wants to jump into a pool until you've actually stuck in your toe to test the water. A life-changing decision, such as moving to a new city or state, means thinking ahead. If you've made up your mind about relocating to Philadelphia, rest assured that there are reliable moving companies to help you get started with your new life.  

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