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Do You Need Money for Your Next Real Estate Investment – An Introduction to Firstrust Bank and their Investor Lending Programs!

Del Val Property Management is please to host a 90 Minute online webinar where you will learn all about real estate investor loan programs and how to get money for your next real estate deal.

Firstrust Bank will have several of their real estate lenders on the webinar to discuss how they see the real estate investing market now and, in the future, and how they can help you with their numerous lending programs.

What You Will Learn:

• The current state of the real estate investing market in and around Philadelphia.

• Creative investment strategies and what lending programs fit each.

• When to use a line-of-credit versus when to use a mortgage.

• What can be used as collateral?

• Why Firstrust?

• Why professional property management is so important to a lender.

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