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Drain Clogs and How Owners Can Protect Themselves

Release the Flush

Corona has changed many of our buying habits and that includes tenants. Flushable wipes have been a huge selling point and because the term "flushable" is used- tenants and owners alike have been flushing these and causing major issues. 

No product other than toilet paper should be flushed. Wipes remain intact, TP dissolves. 

Did you know that fats, oils and grease cause over 80% of residential sewer blockages and overflows. 80%!  Fats are meat trimmings, cheese, butter, shortening... most think that using the garbage disposal will eliminate a clog but it only breaks the product down.  Oils like salad dressing, cooking oils and sauces poured down the drain sticks to the pipes which causes- yep a clog. Grease such as bacon, sausage, gravy even mayo will eventually cool and then harden causing a stoppage. 

But wait! Some good news. You can get sewer lateral insurance that helps eliminate the cost of unclogging a pipe. Aqua offers this service with Home Serve, so ask an insurance agent or contact AQUA for more information. 

Del Val notifies tenants on what can and cannot be used to flush the loo and our maintenance department can usually tell if it was due to tenant error however; if the tenant does not have the ability to pay, ultimately it is your responsibility.