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Getting Tenants To Pay During A Pandemic

Getting Tenants To Pay During A Pandemic

A big part of the property management process is rental collections and with Covid 19 and courts shutting down,  it's been harder than ever to acquire funds from delinquent tenants. 

Del Val Realty utilizes multiple resources to get tenant balances paid. 

  • Phone Calls

Del Val Realty has a dedicated employee, Pat who contacts every delinquent tenant multiple times throughout the week. The old saying "a leaky wheel gets the grease" is absolutely true. This also allows tenants to connect with us. 

  • Notice to Quits (NTQ)/Demand Letters/Emails

If a tenant cannot be reached via phone Pat emails tenants. Letters are also mailed out and if no response, automatically NTQ will be mailed to start the process of eviction. Tenants are hard pressed to ignore phone calls, emails AND letters. 

  • Community Outreach/Payment Plans

Del Val understands that times are tough. That is why the entire team has access to programs like Community Action, Section 8, Salvation Army and more. In Philadelphia, Phase IV of the rental initiative is about to start. Pat has already sent emails and letters to delinquent tenants  notifying them of their possible eligibility. In Phase IV owners and property managers can request funds on behalf of the tenants.  If tenants do not apply for assistance, Del Val offers payment plans to get the tenant back on track.

At the end of the day, rental income is the entire reason owners are in the business. Del Val Realty & Property Manager keeps a finger on the pulse of all the homes and HOA's that we manage. 

Elisha Heebner is the Assistant Director of Rental Services and a property manager at Del Val Realty & Property Management.  Elisha specializes in property management as many homeowners today need a competent, caring person to handle these affairs for them. Professionally, it is her duty to provide services to her clients with integrity, competence, and confidentiality.