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Landlord Secrets Are Not Secrets Anymore!

Mike Lautensack, Broker and owner of Del Val Realty's Property Management (“Del Val”) has written a book titled, Landlord Secrets (available on Amazon). Mike shares Del Val’s procedures

and his expertise providing, “A Complete System for Managing Your Rental Properties for Maximum Profit!” It’s a great resource written by a successful entrepreneur who has built and exponentially grown the company over the past seventeen years with a dedicated team of professionals!

Del Val is a full-service, residential property management company. We can save you time and aggravation while ensuring that your investment portfolio is being handled and addressed in the best way possible.

“Real estate investments require rent-paying tenants to produce a return on your investment.” Our Marketing Team ensures that your property is listed on many sites. Our trained listing agents show the property to interested parties.

Potential tenants must put in a formal application and go through our screening process. They’re approved (automatically if they meet our criteria), conditionally approved (owners have to review the application and decide whether or not the applicant(s) will be allowed to sign the lease) or they’re denied. Owners can discuss the results of conditionally approved applications with their

assigned agent and/or with their property manager. If there’s a concern, it is best to wait for a better-qualified applicant.

If the lease has to be terminated within the first year, Del Val offers a 12-month lease guarantee. Owners will not have to pay for Del Val to find another applicant if the tenant has to vacate.

There are often other issues or questions that may arise including Section 8 onboarding and paperwork, lead certifications, licensing and inspections, utility payments, unpaid or partial rent payments (collections), rental assistance procedures and documentation, court, eviction, and

lockout procedures and processes, lease renewals, HOA violations and notifications, pets,

questions about owner’s or tenant’s ledgers, or maintenance questions. All of the aforementioned are time-consuming and require further investigation and follow-up which will be addressed professionally and in a timely manner.

At Del Val, you’ll be assigned to a Property Manager, whose job is to ensure that you and your tenants receive best-in-class service, whether you have a vacant property that needs to be put onto the market or properties with existing tenants.

You may also choose to take advantage of other owner benefits, including but not limited to receiving the rent in advance, and eviction protection.

What is YOUR time and peace of mind worth? It may be time to reach out to us so that you can have more time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Our great team at Del Val knows the Landlord Secrets! Let us do the leg work, managing your investment(s) and maximizing your profits!