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Landlords: Why Your Apartments Need to be Rent Ready to show to New Tenants.

Aside from the obvious COVID Heath and Legal issues, showing a rental property home while occupied is not always a good idea.

It’s a natural reaction for an owner to want to get their property on the market right away, but here are some things to consider before doing this:

Does the property show well while the property is occupied? Tenants don’t always put the extra effort in keeping the property clean and tidy inside and out, especially when there in the process of moving out.

The property can also appear to be cluttered with moving boxes, kitchens and baths are not property cleaned, an overgrown and upkeep landscape reduces curb appeal can all make a property much less attractive to a prospect and may further reduce the appeal and interest in the property.

Cooking and pet odors: Another turn off when showing an occupied property before a deep cleaning has been completed.

Space seems smaller: With furniture, boxes and clutter everywhere a rental property can appear much smaller to a prospect and Immediately eliminated from there search list. 

Another important factor to consider when you rent a property before its “Hotel Rent Ready” and “Sparkling Clean” your new tenants’ expectations can become an issue regarding how the property was going to be delivered at the lease start date. When a property is being shown “Hotel Rent Ready” tenants get to view the actual condition of the property before they sign the lease and there is no question on its readiness. 

It’s always better to wait until the unit is “Hotel Rent Ready” to properly showcase your property to give the first best impression and to obtain Immediate applications and avoid excessive days on the market (DOM) that can hurt your image and perception in the rental market with longer vacancy periods and possibly a reduced rent.

Bio: Mark Furia has been a leasing agent with over 10 years’ experience in the property management business and has executed over 500 leases to date. Mark can be reached by e mail or phone 484-686-2423 if you would like more information on this or any subject relating to the leasing or sale of your property.