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Moratorium and Money

Moratorium and Money

VLOG Moratorium & Money

The eviction moratorium for the nation expires at the end of July and will not be extended.  There is still help for tenants through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP). The ERAP has $569 million in housing aid with an additional $278 million in federal relief totaling $847 million for renters and landlords.  Unpaid rental or utility costs after March 13, 2020, based on income and other factors (like unemployment).  

The city of Philadelphia has the Phase 4 program that utilizes 97 million for rental and utility assistance. Phase 4 also allows both landlords and tenants to apply. If the Landlord applies the tenant must qualify and get consent from the tenant. Income at or below 80 percent of the Area Median Income, unemployment, reduction of household income due to Covid-19 and a risk of homelessness or housing instability are all qualifying factors. Del Val has applied on behalf of their owners, $114,537 past rent, $90,829 future rent are under review. Received approval for $28,225 of past rent and $18,202 future. Total past rent funds anticipated: $142,762, total future rents anticipated: $109,031. Total funds for Phase 4 for Del Val Owners: $251,793.

Each individual county has their own way of allocating funds.  Delaware County has over $37 million available to residents with past due rent. The same qualifications that were for Phase 4 are for the county. Del Val has received $170,916 from Delco ERA.  Montgomery County has their Phase 3 open, and those applications are starting to come through. Chester County has a hotline and organizations are also helping.

Those tenants who do not apply or are not eligible for rental assistance and are still behind in rent, courts are open for filing.  The city of Philadelphia has many additional steps to file in court. If you have a tenant in the city of Philadelphia, the filing costs are $1,000 plus filing fees. In the county, court costs are $690 plus filing fees. In both instances, an attorney is used to get the owner the best possible outcome due to the constantly changing rules of the pandemic.

Know that the property management team at Del Val is getting as much money as possible for delinquent tenants utilizing the rental assistance programs available.  Del Val is contacting delinquent tenants to get them on a payment plan, file in court or get help from the community.  Contact your property manager for details.