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Rain-Proof Your House: Essential Maintenance Tips for the Rainy Season

Rain-Proof Your House: Essential Maintenance Tips for the Rainy Season

Home maintenance tips and tricks for the Rainy Season

Stay safe from rain!

As the rainy or monsoon season approaches, safeguarding your home becomes a priority. Rain, a powerful adversary, can wreak havoc on your property if not given due attention. Neglecting maintenance during heavy downpours can lead to a myriad of issues. Today, PropertyScout presents you a guide on 'Caring for Your Home during the Rainy Season.' Discover essential tips and tricks that will help you shield your home from the rain!

1.Home maintenance tips and tricks for the Rainy Season
Check for leakage on the walls, ceiling, and the roof:

The problem of leaks in ceilings, walls, and roofs can arise from various factors. Plus, homeowners often become aware of them only when the damage has occurred. For an easy way to inspect leaks in the roof, ceiling, and walls. Check for cracks or signs of seepage on different materials on a regular basis. Look for stains or watermarks. If there are cracks or leaks, it is advisable to contact a professional for repairs and avoid damage. Leaks in ceilings, walls, and roofs can have detrimental effects on other parts of the house if left unattended.

2.Waterproofing or Guttering to Protect Against Water Stains

Doors, windows, or any parts of your home could be susceptible to rainwater splashes. You can add splash guards or overhangs to help prevent water stains and fungal growth. By safeguarding these spots, you can keep rainwater from reaching them. Also, you can avoid potential damages caused by water stains and deterioration

3.Cleaning out dirt or mold

Waterlogging and moisture can lead to dirt and mold stains, as well as slippery surfaces. These conditions not only pose a risk of accidents but also result in unpleasant odors. It's important to inspect and clean surfaces on a regular basis. That way, you can prevent accidents and maintain a safe environment.

4.Drain out and store away all containers filled with rainwater

Make sure to not only inspect but also drain out and store away containers. Rainwater can accumulate for mosquito breeding and could spread dengue fever. Through cleaning and storage, you can ensure everyone in the house is safe from mosquitoes.

5.Pest Prevention

When it rains, it's common for animals and insects to enter the house. Some of these include cockroaches, beetles, crickets, and ants. So, if you can get rid of them, it will help avoid disturbances during your stay. But, if you can't, consider switching to preventive measures instead.

Snakes and Rats:
Sprinkling cinnamon powder or using essential oil sprays can help deter insects. But, proceed with caution and keep out of reach of pets.

Centipedes and Millipedes
Centipedes and millipedes often enter the house through various plumbing openings. Use white chalk to sprinkle along the pathways or place a bar of soap near the pipes.

Sprinkle ant repellent powder or baby powder, or use a mixture of vinegar and water to spray on the ants.