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The Top 3 Reasons Why We Use Property Meld to Help Our Residents with Maintenance Requests

We know from years of experience that one of the top complaints of tenants is getting maintenance done and getting it done in a timely manner. The old model still used by most property managers is a phone number where tenants call and get a voicemail message. They might get a call back in several days if lucky.

Del Val Property Management has better system called Property Meld where our residents can interact with a maintenance team 24/7 via text, phone, or email.

Here are the top 3 reasons why Property Meld helps our residents.

1. Property Meld is software where maintenance requests (called Melds) can be made by our residents by text, phone, or email. These melds can be done 24/7 and one of our “on-call” team members will be available to help with the Meld request. One feature of the Meld allows a resident to take photos or video of the maintenance issues that helps our team and the owners better understand the issue and urgency needed to correct.

2. Del Val then can quickly assign the Meld to a vendor who will be responsible for performing the repair(s). The vendor will contact the resident right through the Meld and coordinate a time to come to the home to complete the repair. All this communication is done through the Meld quickly and easily. No phone calls are needed to complete the entire process.

Once the repair is complete the resident will “Rate” the vendor on a 1 to 5 scale. They can also rate the Del Val person helping them as part the of the Meld. This gives us valuable feedback on how our staff and vendors are doing and we can stop using vendors that do not rate well. Del Val average rating is currently 4.1 after several thousand Melds.

The Meld software also tracks how fast our vendors are getting work done so we know which vendors are being more responsive to our residents.

3. Perhaps the most important benefit to the resident is that everything is documented through the Meld. This is an important benefit for both owner and residents. If there is ever a dispute everything is documented in the Meld.

Jeanne Jantzi is the Front Desk Administrator at Del Val Property Management where she handles all verbal communications with our residents, vendors, and owners and does it with a smile and a friendly tone.