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What Every Landlord Needs to Know About Evictions during Covid-19 Pandemic

Last evening, we did a virtual seminar for our clients with an update on doing evictions under the COVID-19 environment.

Our speakers were Maryann Brennan, Del Val’s Rental Division Director, and Alin Bilc, Del Val’s Business Development Director.

  • Learn all the latest eviction rules and timelines to starting and filing Evictions with Covid-19 Cares Act - Pertains to the following but not limited to:
  1. Philadelphia
    1. Hardship
    2. Non-hardship
  2. Suburbs
  • How the Mortgage lender can impact when and how you can Evict tenants
  • The status of evictions filing that were started prior to Covid-19 and when they can be started again
  • What the future holds for evictions and rent collections

To see the virtual seminar please CLICK HERE