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What Landlords Need to Rent in Philly

The city of brotherly love requires massive amounts of paperwork in order to rent to tenants. If a Landlord does not have the correct paperwork rent paid may have to be returned or past due rent can not be collected. It is of utmost importance that the owner (or property manager) has all files in place that the city requires. 

What do you need to collect rent in the city of Philadelphia?

First and most importantly, a rental license is needed to rent. Once that has been acquired, the tenant and owner needs to sign a certificate of suitability. If the property was built before 1978, a lead certification must be done and signed by tenants. AAdditionally, tenants must be provided with the Partners For Good Housing Pamphlet and the Protect Your Family From Lead Brochure. In the past, the lead certification was only required if the tenants had children under the age of six. Effective October 1, 2020, all properties built before 1978 must have the lead certification completed. This is being rolled out by zip code and rental license renewals. 

If this wasn't enough to make your head spin, Philadelphia has added a Bed Bug Addendum and pamphlet that is needed for all new leases effective January 1, 2021.  Owners must furnish the tenant an informational notice regarding bed bugs along with a written disclosure of any bed bug infestations within the last 120 days (or four months). Owners must develop, maintain and follow a bed bug control plan. This is required for new leases only. 

If that wasn't enough to make your head spin, the owner is fully responsible for the cost of investigating and remediating the infestation for the first year of the lease. No matter who was at fault. 

If the paperwork stated above is not in place, the tenant does not have to pay rent and if the tenant has been paying rent, you may have to return the rent payments. 

Del Val Realty is doing an informational Zoom on our Bed Bug Control Plan Policy on March 1 at 7pm. Del Val will go over all the requirements and answer any questions you have. 

In the end, you must have all paperwork in order to collect rental funds. Del Val property managers are knowledgeable and able to continue your cash flow. We do the work, you collect the paycheck.