Rates and Fees

“No-Hassle” Full Service Management Rates

  • New Account Set Up Fee:

    $125 one-time fee for new clients
  • Leasing Fee:

    One month's rent or $750, whichever is greater, for each 12 month lease and 25% of one month’s rent for each additional year or portion thereof.
  • Monthly Management Fee:

    6%* of the monthly rent collected or $90, whichever is greater.

    * The monthly management fee will be reduced by 1/2% each year until it reaches our minimum fee of 5.0% as part of our loyalty program.
  • Lease Renewal Fee:

    $250 (only paid if we participate in a new lease – not applicable if lease automatically rolls over to a month to month lease).
  • Maintenance Fee:

    In-house Staff: Typically $35 to $75 per hour for our in-house maintenance services

    Outside Vendors: Twenty Percent (20%) of the gross value of work completed by outside vendors

  • Miscellaneous Fee: