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Six Critical Elements of Great Ad Writing for Rental Properties

As marketing coordinator for Del Val Realty & Property Management I write ads every day and follow the 6 rules below to make our ads standout.

Headline / Ad Banner

I write my Ad first and see what details jump out at me for the Ad Headline. Is it on tree-lined street?  Is it near a park or something of interest? Then I incorporate the most important items, like number of bedrooms, the address and points of interest into the headline. For example:

“3 Bedroom Condo for Rent – 123 American Drive – Award Winning School District”

Use Key Words in your Headline /Ad Banner and the Ad

      A keyword is generally a word or phrase that is a topic of significance. Prospective tenants use keyword searches as a way to identify and locate a property that will suit them. They can enter this word when searching for a property online.  For example:

“3 bedrooms”, “single family home”, “Valley Forge Park”, “fenced yard”, “pets allowed”

Details, Details, and more Details!

Beyond the basics like number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage, include as many other details of the property that will appeal to your renter. 

  • Is there a microwave in the kitchen?
  • Does the home have a washer and dryer?
  • Does it have new windows or carpet?
  • Is there a fenced yard?

Always include information about the home’s neighborhood, access to public transit, shopping, school district, swimming pools or other area features that can effect a renter’s decision to contact you.

We recommend that ads are written in bullet point statements versus a full sentence. This allows the reader to scan ads versus reading long sentences or paragraphs.

Take Great Pictures!

Every prospective renter looks for a property that suits them financially and esthetically. There is greater turn off than too few photos, blurry photos or dark photos. Try to take as many photos you believe will result in a minimum of 10 great photos that capture the essence of the home. And be sure to capture both the exterior of the home and yard.

  • Take pictures on a sunny day, everything looks better in sunlight
  • Make sure blinds and curtains are open to maximize the natural light;
  • Try for an angle to add dimension and visual interest (no corners of bedrooms!)
  • Get rid of piled personal items in a room to let the room be seen, not personal stuff.
  • Follow bathroom photo etiquette, put the lid down!

Make sure your Rental policy is clearly stated

Although the rental price, security deposit, any fees and lease term are important, be very clear about any policies that could threaten the deal with the prospective renters. Make sure they understand pet policies, smoking in the property, parking and anything else that might affect their rental decision. Also, if the property is located within a housing community that has their own set of rules and regulations, be sure it is clear in your Ad that the residence is in a housing community.

Formatting the Ad Itself

There is sometimes a lot of information to include in the Ad. Paragraphs with lots of information and details are too hard to read and a prospective tenant will lose interest. Keep your Ad format the same each time and make it easy to read.  Use bulleted short statements in a list versus long sentences in a paragraph. Make sure they are clear and concise and add value to the Ad.

If you follow these SIX critical elements your Ad will give prospective tenants the desire and confidence to see the property. And in representing your rental property well, your prospective tenants will be assured they have found their new home!


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Terri Ulaner is the marketing coordinator for Del Val Realty & Property Management ("Del Val"). Del Val is a FULL SERVICE Residential Property Management company with over 15 years' experience and manages over 2,500 single family homes, HOA units and multifamily properties in and around Philadelphia, PA.   We advise property owners how to build wealth and financial security through hassle-free ownership of rental real estate with our NO "Hassle" FULL Service Management Program.   This proven management system allows owners to enjoy the financial benefits of cash flow, tax savings, and wealth creation.   All this while it GUARANTEES you will never have to deal with maintenance or tenant issues. If you want to learn more about Del Val Property, please visit us at