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Meet Roseann McNeill - Bookepping Manager

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Meet Alan Silverman - HOA Services Director

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Meet Jim McEachern - Maintenance Director

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Meet Terri Ulamner - Marketing Manger

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Meet Harumi Russell - Office Manager

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Meet Cheryl Taylor - Front Desk Administrator

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Time Management

  Time Management    "Excellent time management skills" has become a key phrase in the business world.  Many good resumes contain this catch phrase.  Job interviewers will ask how you manage your time.  Knowing what to say and how to implement time management skills is a work in progress, as each job has ...

How to Simplify Accounting Statements for Rental Property Owners

It is very important that rental property owners understand the activity in their account each month. This is, after all, their money and they should feel confident that their property management company is portraying to them an accurate and easily read accounting of where their money is coming from and what it is being spent on. One of ...

Six Critical Elements of Great Ad Writing for Rental Properties

As marketing coordinator for Del Val Realty & Property Management I write ads every day and follow the 6 rules below to make our ads standout. Headline / Ad Banner I write my Ad first and see what details jump out at me for the Ad Headline. Is it on tree-lined street?  Is it near a park or something of interest? Then I incorpora...

Tax Time: Tax Reporting Requirements for Property Managers

The beginning of each calendar year is a very busy time for many businesses, and Property Managers are not left out of that category! Whether you are a large Property Management Company or an individual Property Manager, this is the time when all tax forms should be issued for funds paid out to Rental Property Owners or Vendors during the...

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